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A wave of electrification of cars is slowly taking over across the world's automotive scenario with affluent car manufacturers launching or promising electric versions of their existing models.

The pressure on two-wheelers, however, is slightly lower, especially on motorcycles. But that isn't stopping major manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield announcing plans to develop an all-electric motorcycle - all in anticipation of an inevitable change in trends towards electric bikes. India too is running the race at a steady pace. However, the news of a new electric motorcycle doesn't come from a big-time manufacturer, but from a startup in Karnataka.

Mankame Automotive, based in Hubli, is planning to make its entry in the booming Indian two-wheeler industry with the EP-1, which is slated to be an all-electric motorcycle with a range larger than any other battery-powered two-wheeler.



Mankame EP-1 will be powered by an electric motor with an 18.4 kWh battery that makes 54 hp at 8,000 rpm - good for churning out 500 km of range between charges and promising 250 km/h of top speed. The claimed numbers sound too good to be true delivering such mileage and power balance. In fact, the power doesn't sound enough for the claimed top speed.

However, the electric wizardry of it all could make the numbers work since the battery is a liquid-cooled unit made of high-density Samsung cells, controlled by an advanced management system developed in-house. The power pack weighs about 80 kg, bringing the total weight of the EP-1 at 180 kg. Mankame also says it will equip the EP-1 use its own proprietary software for the ABS and traction control systems as well.



Mankame EP-1 will be built around a steel trellis frame, furnished with radial Brembo brakes and fully adjustable inverted Öhlins forks, while at the back the customer can choose between a Showa or an Öhlins TTX shock - at a premium, of course.

So far, Mankame has circled down to these figures post some virtual testing in the lab, by simulating real-world conditions in computer models. Theoretically, the EP-1 can deliver the claimed 500-km range at an average speed of 82.5 km/h. The founder of the company says that the tests are 95% accurate.

The real world figures will be known when Mankame builds a prototype and thoroughly tests it, for which the company will kick off a crowdfunding campaign on 1 July. Mankame predicts deliveries for sometime in 2022.

Another Indian startup showcased its first electric superbike during the 2018 Auto Expo, the Emflux One. It is claimed to produce over 80 hp. Read all about it in the link above.

Last modified on Thursday, 31 May 2018

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